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This is the most powerful, eye opening sales system we’ve ever seen. The LWT concept is changing everything about life insurance.  Using the tax advantages of Life Insurance, you can offer your clients the ability to grow their money with zero market risk and access retirement dollars tax free while leaving an income-tax free inheritance to heirs.

There are many tax free retirement concepts.  Our concept is unique.  By using the model of borrowing lives for the death benefit, we have developed a way to use the life insurance tax advantages and make them available to senior clients even if they are uninsurable.

The most significant aspect of this system is training.  Bobby believes in helping you learn the way he learned, not in an all-day seminar, where you learn tons but leave frustrated.  Bobby wants to train you on the job.  Bobby or his assistant trainer will come to your location and spend time with you presenting the concept to actual clients with the goal of making real money during training.

He is willing to come and spend time and his own money because he knows the program works.  A major benefit of having Bobby come to your location is you are able to spend a couple of days learning the system one-on-one and see how well it works firsthand. 

Today, agents are looking for marketing options in which they can. apply their skills and earn real income from their hard work saving for their own retirement. 

We can work with you and your current client base or we have available a direct mail marketing piece with our team of telemarketers to set appointments for you.

National Benefit Advisory will guide you through the process, so why not apply for this opportunity today?