Our FedSmart Financial Adviser Training program provides financial advisers with a thorough understanding of Federal employee benefits programs and the marketing support to help you build your presence in this niche. Our objective is to assist you with the knowledge, tools, and support that you need to work effectively with Federal employees.


Live classroom training can be invaluable because it provides time to ask questions and to also trade ideas with other advisers. Our FedSmart Financial Adviser Training program is typically conducted over two full days in a small group setting with five to twelve advisers. Although our program thoroughly covers both the employee benefits content as well as marketing assistance, we can also customize the program for particular groups of advisers.


In advance of the class, you'll receive a copy of "Working with Federal Employees", the FedSmart Study Guide, which contains detailed information on the Federal employee benefits programs. The Study Guide provides essential background information on the Federal CSRS and FERS pension programs, the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP), Federal Employees Group Life Insurance (FEGLI), Federal Employee Health Benefits (FEHB), Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program (FEDVIP), Social Security, Medicare, Disability, and the Federal Long-Term Care Insurance Program (FLTCIP). By reviewing this material prior to the classroom training, you'll be better prepared to absorb and more deeply understand all of the complex aspects of the Federal employee benefits programs.


During the first day of live classroom training, you'll receive a copy of the FedSmart Classroom Workbook which contains copies all of the instructor's slides, along with case studies and exercises. The format of the workbook is two slides per page, with each page adding a place for your notes. When tables or charts would be too small to be useful, full page versions are included. Copies of useful forms are also printed in the book to acquaint you with the actual forms and paperwork used by Federal employees when applying for their benefits. The FedSmart Study Guide and the Classroom Workbook will become valuable references for you as you begin to work with Federal employees.


Too many programs for financial advisers simply provide information without showing you how to put your newly-acquired knowledge to use. So, the second day of our two-day training class provides marketing ideas and information to help you develop a marketing plan for success in this new niche. We use a method we've developed called 'Identify, Locate, and Communicate' to help you find agencies and employees in your geographic location. Many useful online marketing resources and tools are revealed and demonstrated. We also cover the 'Rules of Engagement' -- how to properly conduct employee benefits briefings on Federal property.


As mentioned above, our goal with the FedSmart Adviser Training Program is to provide you with the knowledge, tools, and support to become successful in this market. We believe that after you complete the program it's essential that you have the tools that you need to begin assisting Federal employees. We include (at no additional charge) a Federal employee version of the AskTrak software available from Trust Builders. The software can perform benefits calculations and produce reports for your Federal clients and prospects. We've examined many software programs and found this software to be the most useful. AskTrak software has been reviewed and approved for use by representatives of many major financial services and insurance companies. (Check with us to determine if your firm has already approved the use of the software for its representatives.) Our classroom training includes a live demonstration and provides case studies to illustrate how the software can be used. Trust Builders also offers excellent continuing support to assist advisers with questions on utilizing the program, and can offer other financial planning software programs as well.


In addition to the Study Guide, Classroom Workbook, Marketing Manual, and AskTrak software, our FedSmart Adviser Training Program also includes a USB drive containing useful digital resources. The drive includes over 80 forms, guides, and other information from many different sources such as the Social Security Administration, the Office of Personnel Management, and the Thrift Savings Plan. Our experience could potentially save you years of time and effort that it might take to uncover all of these valuable resources on your own.


We want you to be successful in this niche, so after your training is complete, we'll offer you four hours of ongoing consulting assistance for up to one year after completion of the program at no additional charge to you. You may want to use this consulting time for complex Federal benefits questions and cases, or to have us work with you to rehearse the FedWise Employee Benefits Seminars. And, because it's critical to stay on top of changes in regulations and laws affecting Federal employee benefits you'll have an opportunity to receive ongoing support through news updates, live webinars, and timely guides that we produce. We can even assist you with developing other specific programs and materials at your request.


We believe that the ideal result of our training is an adviser who is completely capable and ready to assist Federal employees and their families with their investment, protection, and retirement needs; however, we know that advisers sometimes like to test their knowledge. So, we offer a voluntary examination that advisers can access after completing the program. The online examination randomly offers 100 questions from a bank of questions. The exam must be completed within a 2-hour time window with a passing score of 75% or higher. (The exam can be proctored upon request.) After successful completion, a FedSmart Certificate is awarded and mailed to you.

The program cost is $1,500 per person. More information about our FedSmart Financial Adviser Training Program is available on our web site at federalbenefitsdvocates.com including information about our FedWise Employee Benefits Seminars for conducting benefits seminars for Federal employees. You can also pick up the phone and call ken at (360) 512-3674 with your questions. Or, email him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.